YETI SnowMX offers a 2-Year Limited Warranty. 

We guarantees that the new, unused YETI SnowMX (System) installed by an authorized dealer or distributor is free from any defects in materials and workmanship during the period and in conditions described below. When operating a new YETI SnowMX System, the user agrees that the present form is applicable and exclusive, that they have been signified and that they have been accepted by him/her at the time of purchase.

The YETI SnowMX Dirt-To-Snow bike conversion System is covered by a manufacturer warranty (warranty). The warranty covers manufacturing defects related with materials and workmanship. The installation and maintenance of the System is always the responsibility of the owner.


The warranty is valid for a period of twenty-four (24) months following the date of purchase. This warranty does not apply to normal maintenance. The warranty applies exclusively to parts and components of the conversion System. All paint defects on the System (frames and components) are not covered.

The warranty is not valid if the System is not installed by an authorized YETI SnowMX network dealer or distributor. This warranty specifically excludes any damage or breakage to the motorcycle and related defects on the motorcycle, whether or not these were caused or believed to be caused by the System. The manufacturer is not responsible for damages, injuries or loss caused at the time of or after installing of the System on the motorcycle.

For a warranty to be valid, the System owner must comply with manufacturer notices and warnings. In addition, all claims must be accompanied by a proof of purchase (original receipt or sale contract) and work or repairs must be performed by an authorized YETI SnowMX dealer. All claims not previously approved and authorized by the brand will be rejected.

The following situations and items are not under any circumstances covered by the warranty:

1)  Any and all consequential damages, including, but not limited to, indirect costs, such as towing, storage, phone calls, renting, transportation, inconveniences, insurance coverage, reimbursement of loss, loss of time and loss of revenue, etc.

2) Damage resulting from faulty installation.

3) Damage resulting from normal parts wear or progressive deterioration owing to the distance covered with a vehicle on which the System is installed.

4) Damage resulting in non-compliance with the user manual and with maintenance instructions recommended in the user’s manual and other technical documents.

5) Damage resulting in abusive use, abnormal use, negligence or even a use which does not comply with recommendations of the manual, excess weight or loading, including excessive number of passengers.

6) Labor costs, parts and materials related any and all maintenance costs.

7) Damage resulting from faulty repairs, improper maintenance or any unauthorized changes made to the System other than those specified by the manufacturer or from the installation of non-original or unauthorized parts that were not produced or approved by YETI SnowMX.

8) Damage resulting from an accident, incident, robbery, vandalism, war or unforeseen event or act of God.

9) Regardless of cause, damage resulting from inexperience, driving errors, accident or other incident.

10) The use of the System on a motorcycle used for public rental, including by a previous owner, will render this warranty null and void.

11) The use of the System in races, rallies or other competitive events/activities of this type, at any time, including from a previous owner or in conditions that do not comply with those described by the manufacturer will render the warranty null and void. Any repaired or replaced components or parts are guaranteed only to the extent of the original warranty. In other words: if a warranted part was replaced after nine (9) months, the new replacement part will only be guaranteed for fifteen (15) months, for a total of twenty–four (24) months. Any claim for a track will be established according to its residual value, 100% during the first 12 months, 75% between 12 and 18 months and 50% between 18 and 24 months. The residual value will have to be applied in the form of reduction to the purchase of a track of replacement at regular price.

In no event shall the warranty extend beyond a total of twenty-four (24) months from the date of original System purchase.

In all cases, the warranty is limited to a maximum of the original purchase price or the fair market value of the System. YETI SnowMX will have final authority in determining the fair market value of a used System. The warranty is applicable within the limits and conditions initially contracted. If the System is determined to be unusable due to accident or improper repair, the warranty will be considered null and void without further recourse available to the System owner.

The manufacturer, the retailer and/or the repair shop shall not be held responsible for any delays caused by material, parts or components availability or backorder.

Shipping and handling costs, as well as any fees related with shipping or transportation of the System to the dealer location are the responsibility of the System owner.

YETI SnowMX reserves its sole and exclusive right to update or modify this warranty without impact on end users. All previous terms and conditions of the warranty at time of purchase will be respected.

*For All Warranty Claims please use the following link: Warranty Claim Form