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MTN.TOP 3.25" Track 

No matter how many ways we tried to slice it, some people just want it. So in collaboration MTN.TOP, Yeti SnowMX 126MT is now available. This is an impressive combination. We are only offering this as a package upgrade to our line up. What we mean is that this Yeti SnowMX 126MT comes standard with the Carbon Fiber Spindle, Brake Upgrade, the choice between Elka 3 or 5 (at no additional cost) and of course a 3.25" MTN.TOP Track in our 129" chassis.

A Snowcheck Exclusive in Limited Quantity

New Lightweight Brake Design 

This new brake design has allowed us get the weight savings we are always hunting for at Yeti SnowMX. Don't let the word lightweight make you think we sacrificed on performance. Our testing has led us through countless configurations before landing on this design. May the stopping force be with you!  

Available as a Snowcheck Upgrade

New Carbon Fiber Spindle Design 

The sleek 2 blade design started in 2022. For 2025 the design has gone back to our roots of carbon fiber, keeping the weave and weight savings that gave us our beginnings. The geometry has improved our precision on the trial and those big down hill pow turns we all love. 

A Snowcheck Exclusive

New Graphics

Because who doesn't love shiny new things! These bold new graphics are a little taste of retro from our 2017 lineup. With this all new design we incorporated a special film guaranteed to give you another 10MPH...😉

Colour Options FREE for Snowcheck Customers

Yeti Care

FREE to ALL Snowcheck Customers ONLY

The first offering of its kind! The care package that lets you be a little silly and go against your best judgement, and hit that lump of snow that looks snooooooooooooow tempting.

We've got your kit covered from tail to tip.

Did we mention this was FREE to Snowcheck Customers

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Options are what keeps us moving forward. If we never tried anything different how dull would life be? Good thing we aren't afraid to give you just that, an option!! A Yeti SnowMX ski has been loved by the majority of our community, but there are different conditions where our ski isn't the KING. Here enters our collaboration with MTN.TOP. This ski will give those of us riding in different conditions the choice to try something new.   

Get Your Yeti SnowMX 

Snowcheck exclusives are......

-FREE colour choices

-FREE Yeti Care 

-Carbon Spindle ONLY available to Snowcheck Customers

-Yeti SnowMX 126MT ONLY available at Snowcheck *Limited Quantity*

 A $500 deposit is all you need to secure a place in all this excitement! 

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Snowcheck Has Ended